The Bradley Foundation is being created to provide educational, therapeutic, recreational, and advocacy services to children and families affected by the Autism Spectrum.
The idea of starting this organization was founded by Mr. Elton Russ. Mr. Russ has first hand experience dealing with children and families with special needs. He is the father of a nine year old son who has autism. Furthermore, he has received a master of education degree with a concentration in Special Education.

The Foundation will utilize licensed speech pathologists and licensed occupational therapists to provide therapeutic services. Recreational services will be provided by a certified Physical Education Teacher. All services will be provided after school hours.
 The mission of the organization is to provide children and their families the resources needed to change the future for all who struggle with an autism spectrum disorder.

We strive to increase community awareness about autism and its effects on individuals, families and society. The Bradley Foundation continues to lobby for those affected by the autism spectrum to have equitable and adequate resources to live a normal life.
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